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M0SHB1T If you missed Horse The Band, here you have your new fucking huge hung horse. This release is so good and well written, I wanna instantly see him live and shoot my sweat in his mouth just to eat his ass out after that. A MUST HEAR for every nintendocore fan and for fans of sweaty underground concerts! Favorite track: Twilight Beast.
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dzcomics Energetic and fun. I love it! Favorite track: VR.
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This is my first EP!! Big thanks to Chris Kur for helping me make this sound pretty, Nintendocore Lives, everyone who has supported this, and all of the influential artists that have inspired me to yell into a microphone. You as well. Thank you!


released August 13, 2016




Feed The Bears Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: My Wicked Lab Coat and My Dope Mustache
How many lives will end
Before I get what’s mine
There is no time to spend
This is all god’s design

Your robots worship me
Nothing can bring world peace

You are the sick fuck
who made robots with feelings
Drag them down with sadness
Emotional ceilings
Bow down to your master
I will crush that stupid blaster
I’ve been your god all along
Maybe I’m mad but I’m not wrong

(Dialogue from Mega Man 6)
“My scheme for world domination has faild
But I still have enough to destroy you”
Destroy you!

I have an army of 6 to 8
There’s more coming, you just wait!
Track Name: Twilight Beast
Disfigure aided cries
Look into my eyes
I'm not an animal
Succumb to every bite
Ripped apart
it knows the fury
and it knows my name
The legendary hero of Hyrule
dethroning the Twilight king

you can take my sword
but you can't take my strength
you stole all my weapons from me
and now I'm fucking bored

Shrouded in twilight
In pain I cry
Disfiguration I can't fight
It feels like I could die
Stripped of my weapons
Arsenal running dry
I scream to the heavens
But my senses are running high

I will eat the hearts of shadows
I'll save the light
Twilight blood running down my face
I fight with every bite

I will save the light

You thought you could just chain me up
leave my corpse to rot
My horror when I see the ghosts
with the senses that I got

Don't run and scream
Don't call me a monster
Track Name: VR
The stains splashed on the wall
resided in my eyelid
Disdain, call it the fall
Misguided, but can’t hide it
They are on my screen
My hexadecimal dreams
Take a hammer
nail it to my head
This stream of my bloodshed

Exactly what you thought I’d never be
In its name; reality
Minutes becoming hours
becoming days
Taking the world back
We can go our own ways

Taking the world back
Virtual fallback
Track Name: OK•DK
You used to be so menacing
Now you're not
You just chase bananas with your friends
You gave up
Hit your head became the butt of a joke
Such a stereotype
Slipped through the cracks
Monkey on your back
can't fit into Mario's pipe
Peels in stacks
I really think you have a problem there

Diddy saves you
Jet pack rescue
Rolling, barrel throwing
Faults are showing
We saw you get so small
Man, you could have had it all

Racing with your friends
Chasing to make amends
Struggling addiction
Never ending affliction
Outshined by your crew
Platforming isn't for you
You shrunk so small
You could have had it all

You gave up Princess Peach
Mario caged you like a beast
Looked your son right in the eye
Said you'd be a better guy
Everything changes
The position rearranges
There's a new king of the castle
And you look a bit like an asshole

Track Name: Koopa Undead
I’m starving
Down to bones
Cursed in castles
I call home
Beg and plead
for release
Waiting for something to
crush me

but you won’t
You stomp on me
Regeneration from the
curse you see
I need
to be freed by the beast
Drop a thwomp on my head
to kill me dead
I’ll throw you a bone
Just leave me alone
This life is one I dread
I am
Koopa Undead (x3)

Bullet Bill
Penguin suit
Ice flower
I changed my life perspective
With glowing, red eyes
I ascend back from the lava
My purpose is your demise

I can power up myself
I can wear a purple shell
In the days of Superstar Saga
I poisoned those tyrannical brothers
This is not for the boss
This is for the Dry Bone’s race
Put you in your place
Game over without a trace

Kill me! Kill me!

Please leave me be
in Dusty (Kill me!) Dune (Kill me!)
Galaxy (Kill me!)
In the quicksand is
where they’re buried
I won't forget what you did to my family

Kill those Bros.
Game over
No lives left
Dragged them down
into the lava
We're both dead now
Everything is now okay
My legacy as Dry Bones